How to Transport Art in Shipping Crates

When transporting fine art over a long distance, the most crucial thing to do is to properly prepare the items for shipping. One of the steps to take is picking up appropriate wooden shipping crates. In most cases, you cannot protect your pieces while they are in transit in person, so if you want them to reach their destination intact, proper packing is a must. So how to pack and crate your art for shipping? We have drawn up a list of several proven tips and tricks to help you do everything right.

How to Transport Art in Shipping Crates

1. Prepare artworks for shipping

Before placing artwork into a shipping crate, it should be properly soft-packed. Here are some steps to follow.

  • Protect the glass

If your piece is framed with glass, apply painter’s tape on the glass surface to prevent it from shattering during the move.

  • Secure the corners

Purchase cardboard corner protectors to ensure your framed artwork remains intact.

  • Wrap the artwork

Use bubble wrap to cover the item from all sides. It is better to make extra layers.

  • Utilize foam boards

Place the wrapped artwork between two sheets of foam board and put the pieces together using packing tape.

2. Prepare shipping crates

If you are going to transport fragile and valuable fine art pieces over a long distance, opt for customized shipping crates. We highly recommend that you contact a professional art shipping company that will provide you with sturdy wooden art crates.

However, if you already have one and want to do everything on your own, consider the following steps.

  • Carefully place the wrapped artwork into a wooden crate.
  • Pad the empty space with bubble wrap.
  • Properly close the crate.
  • Label the container with all the information required for shipping.
  • Add special “Fragile” labels.

We want to remind you that Fine Art Shippers provides a comprehensive range of art crating services, meaning that we can build high-quality shipping crates of any size and shape. Feel free to contact us if you need professional help!