Extraordinary Art of M. Martiros at Haykoff Gallery

There are many talented contemporary artists, but there are only a few who have sold thousands of their original artworks worldwide. These elite artists are the most successful and sought-after in the art market. Their great artistic skills are indisputable, and their works are carefully preserved in museums and private collections around the globe. M. Martiros is one of these world-renowned artists, whose extraordinary art has captured the attention of many international art critics, seasoned collectors, and art enthusiasts. He is represented by the amazing Haykoff Gallery that is owned and operated by Bella Haykoff.

M. Martiros 

M. Martiros (b. 1947) is a contemporary Armenian artist, who has been living and working in the United States since 1987. Throughout his artistic career, this talented person has received many awards and honors. His extraordinary art has been exhibited at numerous international exhibitions in different countries worldwide. M. Martiros has even developed his own style of painting he called Marmillism. This distinctive style represents a somewhat combination of Mixed-Media Art, Impressionism, Realism, and Painterly, making Martiros’ works unique and easily recognizable at the same time.

Haykoff Gallery

Haykoff Gallery is a private, by-appointment-only fine art gallery located in Beverly Hills, CA. It was founded by Bella Haykoff, who is the only official representative of M. Martiros and the owner of his incredible art collection. Haykoff Gallery is housed in an exquisite Italianate villa surrounded by beautifully landscaped gardens, providing a perfect setting to showcase Martiros’ extraordinary art to the public. Just like the artist’s talent, this sole gallery is outstanding, and you are really lucky if you are invited to visit the fabulous Haykoff Gallery and see Martiros’ fascinating creations with your own eyes!