Everything You Should Know about Art Hanging

Buying paintings, pictures, posters, or any other pieces of modern wall art is not that easy. However, when it comes to the best way of their arrangement, choosing appropriate frames, and art hanging on the whole, the task becomes even more complicated. Have you ever found yourself standing in front of the wall without a clear understanding of what to do next? Well, you are not alone in this. In fact, many people struggle with hanging artwork. Today, we are going to fix this problem by providing you with several useful tips. So forget about your fears, and let’s look at the most important things you need to know about art hanging!

1. Hang paintings at eye level.

The best height for hanging paintings and other pieces of modern wall art is 57-60 inches (147-155 cm), which represents the eye level of the average person. Keep in mind that the center of the artwork, not its top, should be at that height. This is exactly the standard used by many museums and galleries throughout the world.

2. Choose the appropriate frame.

Whether it comes to picture hanging or mirror hanging, it is important to choose the right frame for it. Luckily, the variety of available frames is truly impressive. Furthermore, you can order custom frames that protect paintings from fluctuations in temperature, humidity, ultraviolet light, and other environmental factors, which gives you an opportunity to hang the artwork even above the mantelpiece.

3. Don’t be afraid to mix different paintings.

If you are a lucky owner of a diverse art collection, don’t be afraid to mix different genres and periods. For example, an Old Master painting can look great next to a modern piece of art of the same size. Moreover, large artwork can also make a great combination with a set of smaller prints grouped together.

4. Use art hanging tools.

Don’t trust your eye when it comes to the symmetrical hang. It is always better to get technical and use art hanging tools, like a spirit level and a tape measure. Besides, before mounting artwork on the wall, make sure there are no water pipes or electricity lines. Carefully check the structure of the wall, or your attempt to make your home cozier and more stylish may end in disaster.

5. Consider the wall color.

You can easily draw attention to the particular artwork or underline the whole art collection by considering the color of the wall. For example, neutral colors are good for a group of paintings of different styles and genres, matching colors are usually used for displaying works by the same artist, and complementary colors are just great for modern wall art.

Art hanging is undoubtedly a tricky task, but with these simple tips in mind, you can complete it without much hassle. However, if you cannot find the best way of paintings arrangement on your own, you can always order professional designer or picture hanging services from a reliable art shipping company in your area.