Everything You Need to Know about Art Show Insurance

Every experienced artist or collector knows that collecting exquisite paintings by prominent masters is an exciting but risky business. While some admirers of high-end art regard collecting masterpieces as a matter of passion, other enthusiasts see it as an investment. Whether you belong to the first or second group, you should learn more about art insurance for sure. The same, naturally, relates to the artists exhibiting their artworks at numerous events – it won’t hurt to understand the peculiarities of art show insurance.

Who Needs Art Insurance?

Besides art shipping insurance offered in case someone needs to transfer their precious belongings, there is its art show analog. Certified insurance specialists handling fine art coverage questions provide the owners of valuable works of art with their services. In this case, the definition of “fine art” is more extensive than in its ordinary sense. Let’s say, you are creating large art installations, or maybe you are a professional photographer or talented sculptor who wants to exhibit your art pieces at some art shows in NYC. Luckily, most organizations specializing in art insurance advisory and provision will consider sculptures, photographs, vintage jewelry, antique books, and art installations a subject to art show insurance.

In most instances, the owner of a particular artwork will be offered a valuation clause option. That is, the insurer and the policyholder agree on a fixed amount of money to be paid if the insured object gets lost or suffers some damages. In doing so, the insurance carrier will focus on the commercial value of the art piece.

Art Show Insurance: Specifics

If you are a newbie in art exhibition organization, mind that the regular insurance policy might not be enough to ensure high-level security of valuable exhibits. Most credible fine art handling agencies guarantee not only coverage of your works but also additional materials and tools used for their exposition (projectors, display case, wiring, etc.).

The artists who lend their creations to art museums and galleries or hold time-limited individual exhibitions are well aware of numerous possibilities of the things-go-wrong scenario. Thus, companies providing art show insurance can come to your rescue if:

  • the exposition was canceled due to various reasons;
  • the artwork was damaged in transit;
  • the object was stolen or corrupted during the exhibition, etc.

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