Different Types of Art Boxes to Pack Paintings

Box to Pack Paintings

It is extremely important to pack pieces of art before transportation because the long road may harm them very much. Art packaging is a difficult process, which ultimately affects the quality and safety of transported items. Hence, it is necessary to learn essential information about different types of art boxes to choose for the transportation of paintings.

Types of Art Boxes to Pack Paintings for Transportation

The main aim of any type of packing is to provide protection from mechanical damages, scratches, temperature fluctuations, and humidity that are damaging for paintings. Fortunately, there are many different types of art boxes to address these problems.

In general, packing can be divided into two big groups according to the material: cardboard packing and wooden packing. Both are widely used, but it is important to pay attention to the way you will transport painting because these types of packing have their peculiarities.

Cardboard Tubes

A tube is a universal type of packing. Usually, these packs are made of multilayer cardboard. This type of packing is preferable if you want to transport a painting without a frame. Such an approach can be chosen due to different reasons: one may want to get another frame, or an original one may need restoration, etc. All in all, this type of packing is reliable and cheap.

Cardboard Packing

It is the most popular type of packing among customers who want to transport framed paintings. In this case, there is no necessity to pack the painting itself into a tube because it is possible to choose cardboard boxes of different sizes.

Wood Crates

Another type of packing process is called crating. In this case, a special type of art boxes called crates is used. A crate is a wooden box for framed paintings. The main advantage of this type of packing is that it provides protection of the highest quality and ensures that humidity, drops of temperature, and possible mechanical damage do not affect the precious item. At the same time, this type of packing is time-consuming because crates should be designed specifically for each piece of art. Moreover, this type of packing is the most expensive one, but it is recommended for those who want to ship items overseas and fear that a long road may damage them.

Fine Art Shippers offers each of the above-mentioned types of packing. Our team may help you choose the most suitable packaging so that your pieces of art are delivered safely.