Delivery of Art from Shows and Auctions: Trials and Tribulations

Delivery of Art from Shows and Auctions Trials and Tribulations

It is no secret that art events can be stressful for every party involved. From event planning to logistics, everything needs to be perfectly executed at every step of the way. Whether months or even years of diligent work pay off sometimes depends on small details that can sometimes go overlooked. But art shows and auctions are not just stressful for their hosts. Collectors who visit those events in hopes of finding a new treasure to add to their collection can experience just as much anxiety, especially when it comes to the delivery of art and antiques. Here are some issues that a fine art collector might encounter when organizing the transportation of their newly purchased valuables.

Delivery of Art from Shows and Auctions: Trials and Tribulations 

Anyone who has ever ordered something online knows how annoying it is to wait months for your package only to receive a damaged parcel. Something like that could be downright catastrophic in the world of fine art logistics. To ensure that works of art arrive at their destination in prime condition, art shipping companies must be extremely careful when transporting them. To preserve the work of art in transit, specific conditions must be provided, which is not easy to achieve without special equipment. Professional fine art logistics companies transport artworks and antiques in vehicles specifically designed for carrying fragile objects. And climate control, air suspension, and alarm systems are just the tip of the iceberg.

In addition, the complexity of artwork delivery depends on numerous factors. For example, some works of art are simply more difficult to transport than others because of their size, weight, or materials. Customs clearance is another inevitable obstacle that arises when shipping valuable items to or from a foreign country. Thankfully, those issues can be resolved with the help of professional fine art shippers. Not only are they well-trained in handling artworks of all kinds, but they are also experts at dealing with documentation.

Finally, unforeseen circumstances like natural disasters present an entirely different problem. While some things cannot be prevented, one can still do their best to prepare in case they happen. Art transportation insurance exists for that very reason, and fine art logistics companies can always consult you on choosing the best one for your specific situation.

In short, the delivery of art, antiques, and other valuables from art events can be daunting. Fortunately, professional fine art handlers have all the tools necessary to provide an efficient solution.