Shipping Art Internationally: 5 Questions to Answer Before Starting

Shipping Art Internationally 5 Questions to Answer Before Starting

Shipping art internationally can be an uphill battle for those doing it for the first time. From packaging to customs regulations, there are many factors that contribute to the success of your artwork’s journey. Understandably, messing up might seem like the worst nightmare ever. However, there is a sure way to guarantee your precious valuables get to their destination in prime condition. By simply asking yourself these five questions before sending your package to another part of the world, you can protect yourself from needless worries and unfortunate mishaps.

Shipping Art Internationally: 5 Questions to Answer Before Starting

What type of artwork are you shipping?

The type of artwork you are shipping will influence the shipping method you choose and the packaging materials you need. For example, if you are shipping a delicate sculpture, you must ensure it is protected with plenty of padding and a sturdy crate. If you are shipping a canvas painting framed with glass, you also need to protect the glass from breaking and damaging the painting in transit. We recommend that you approach the subject of packing with utmost responsibility when shipping your art overseas because the longer your piece is in transit, the higher the chance of it getting damaged. You might also choose shipping by sea or by air depending on your artwork’s size and weight.

Where is the artwork going?

Your approach to the art shipping process will also be informed by the destination of your package. If you are sending art to a different country, you must consider the differences between customs regulations and laws restricting the import/export of works of art. It might take a while to figure out, so we highly suggest that you start preparing the paperwork as soon as possible. If you need help filling out documents and paying fees, you can enlist the help of a professional art shipper or broker.

How valuable is your artwork?

Are you planning on shipping your art with a specialized fine art logistics company? Then you should consider purchasing additional art transit insurance if you do not already have one. Not only do you need to ensure your art is protected during transit, but insurance is also often a requirement when working with fine art shipping companies. The cost of insurance will directly depend on the value of your artwork, and you should have proof of it.

No matter how complicated it might seem, we have no doubts you can handle whatever comes your way. Once you get a hold of the basics, shipping art internationally will become second nature to you.