Fine Art Fair Transportation: A Luxury Service by Fine Art Shippers

fine art fair transportation

What awaits us in 2024? At least, there will be a lot of new and renowned art fairs like The Armory Show, TEFAF New York, and Art Basel Miami Beach. And that means the need to organize fine art fair transportation to and from the event. To make it as stress-free and hassle-free as possible, we at Fine Art Shippers offer a set of luxury turnkey services designed specifically for such an occasion. 

How We Manage Fine Art Fair Transportation

The Fine Art Shippers team provides comprehensive art pickup and delivery services throughout the United States. Among other things, we have extensive experience in fine art fair logistics. Our services include:

1. Custom packing or art crating

Before we collect the items for the art fair, our professional art handlers carefully pack each work of art to ensure its protection during transportation, paying special attention to proper cushioning and support. If the item is particularly valuable or fragile, we use a custom crate instead of soft packaging – it’s a wooden container specially made to the dimensions of the item for its extra protection.

2. White glove moving

Our experienced art handlers provide white glove moving services to ensure that artwork is handled with the care and attention it deserves. This includes loading and unloading, securing in the trunk, delivery to the destination, and any maneuvering within the art fair venue upon arrival.

3. Specially equipped art vehicles

Our vehicles are specially equipped for fine art transportation. This includes a climate control system, which serves to maintain stable temperature and humidity levels, making it crucial to ensure the preservation of the delicate artwork. Besides, the air-ride suspension system prevents objects from moving and shaking during transit, which is also detrimental to the integrity of the artwork.

4. Art installation and deinstallation

At the art fair location, we offer assistance with the installation and deinstallation of art. This includes carefully unpacking and setting up the artwork according to the client’s wishes and the design of the booth. We pay attention to the aesthetic qualities of the hanging system and the security requirements of the item.

If you’re looking for experts in fine art fair transportation for next year’s events, don’t hesitate to contact Fine Art Shippers. We’ll be proud to see you among our clients in the coming 2024.