Degen Gallery in Basel, Switzerland

As you know, at Fine Art Shippers, we love to work with international art galleries and shows of any kind. Moreover, it is always a pleasure for every art mover on our team to handle one-of-a-kind pieces created by talented contemporary artists whom we are lucky to help prepare for different art-related events. For example, this past summer, Fine Art Shippers was entrusted with shipping a collection of artworks from the United States to Art Basel, which gave us an excellent opportunity to visit the world’s most important international art fair and also many beautiful galleries in Basel, Switzerland. In this blog post, we want to tell you about one of them – the amazing Degen Gallery located at St. Jakobs Strasse 185. Highly recommended by every art mover on our team!

Degen Gallery

Degen Gallery was founded by Christian M. Degen, a dedicated person who has managed to combine his two passions – art and tourism – in a single gallery in Basel. In fact, Degen Gallery is the second gallery opened by Christian M. Degen. The first one – Gallery Genius Art International, Basel/ Belgrade – was founded in collaboration with Pedja Acimovic, a reputable art collector and gallerist from Belgrade, Serbia. For today, Degen Gallery represents many talented international artists, including Sasa Marjanovic, Salustiano Garcia, Ona Sadkowsky, and Marko Tubic, whose works are definitely worth seeing.

Degen Gallery is indeed a must-visit art destination in Basel, and it would certainly be an honor for every art mover on our team to work with this superb gallery and its prominent artists!