Critical Questions to Ask and Answer Before Shipping Paintings

Paintings are sensitive forms of fine art that require sensitive care and handling when preparing them for fine arts shipping. Therefore, it is necessary to ask and answer yourself critical questions to get a clear picture of what you should or should not do during the process. This post discusses some of the important questions you need to include in your shipping checklist.

How Is the Painting Framed?

The kind of framing the painting has will determine the type of care the artwork will receive in the hands of the shippers handling it. For instance, if it is framed with glass, it will require more delicate handling than if it had wooden or metal framing.

Does It Have a Fragile Frame?

You should also consider its fragility or lack of it. If the frame is fragile, for instance, made of glass, mark it as fragile to allow the transporters to know how to treat it.

Is the Frame an Antique?

Another critical question to ask yourself when preparing your paintings for fine arts shipping is whether the artwork features an antique frame. The reason for this consideration is that antiques are peculiar treasures with exceptional value. Answering this question affirmatively will help you to get the right insurance to protect it along the way, during storage, or at the exhibition.

What are Its dimensions and Weight?

Getting the accurate dimensions and weight of the painting assists in determining several factors. First, it enables you to get the right size of packing materials for the fine arts shipping process.  Also, it will enable you to determine the most appropriate type and quality of packaging materials that can contain its weight.

What is the Material of the Art Painting?

The kind of materials the painting lies on is also critical in the shipping equation. You should consider carefully the different materials used for the painting because they require different packaging and storage conditions during shipping. The reason is that various mediums react differently to weather elements such as heat, cold, and moisture.

What Type of Painting Is It?

Lastly, consider the type of painting it is because different materials such as oil or wax react differently to weather changes.

You are now up to date with the critical questions you need to ask and answer yourself before shipping your paintings. We believe they will help you to prepare and calculate well before shipping them.