Credibility Parameters of Artwork Shipping Companies for 2023

Credibility Parameters of Artwork Shipping Companies for 2023

Using the services of artwork shipping companies is a standard practice among art owners and dealers. Whenever you’re selling or buying art, organizing an art display event, or replenishing your private collection, you will need safe and professional art handling and transportation help. Obviously, losing your way amid dozens of offers online is normal.

The competition is too high in this industry, with every shipping firm claiming to be the best. Here are a couple of reputation and excellence criteria you should focus on when choosing a service provider; a bit of due diligence will save you from the hassle of dealing with amateur companies.

What Matters When Choosing Artwork Shipping Companies?

A reliable provider of art shipping services is hard to find, but you can increase the chances of working with the best by checking the following aspects.

  • Solid reputation. The company should have positive testimonials on credible review websites.
  • Variety of services. The service range should be broad and flexible enough to match your needs.
  • Reasonable pricing. The service provider should have fair, transparent rates without hidden charges and unclear extras.
  • Staff qualifications. All art handlers should be properly trained in fine art packaging and transportation.

What Services to Expect?

As a rule, artwork shipping companies should provide the full range of art shipping-related services to free you from the burden of taking care of art packaging, deinstallation, or storage on your own. At Fine Art Shippers, we usually include the following in the shipping service package.

  • Fine art packaging. Our professional art handlers arrive at the client’s location and perform all packaging activities right there. This approach allows us to minimize the risks of art damage during its transportation.
  • Shipping. Now that the object of art is securely packaged, it’s time to transfer it to the destination. If you ship it internationally, we can organize the transportation to your chosen port or airport; those who need domestic shipping can take advantage of our art shuttle services.
  • Installation. Once the artwork is delivered to its destination location, our art handlers can perform its installation in line with safety standards for specific art types.

Get the Full Spectrum of Shipping Services Here

Now that you know what parameters point to the credibility of artwork shipping companies and their service quality, it’s time to take a closer look at Fine Art Shippers. We’re an NYC-based art shipping company that meets all these criteria and works to exceed client expectations on every order. Book your artwork’s shipment here, and you will get the top standard of art handling at all transfer stages.