Climate-Controlled Art Storage in NYC: What to Know as a Collector

Climate Controlled Art Storage in NYC What to Know as a Collector

Art is one of those very few things that connect us to the past. However, we have lost almost as many works of art and other valuable cultural relics as we have managed to preserve. One way to ensure your art collection survives the effects of the passage of time is to take care of it at all times. This is why art specialists place great value on climate-controlled storage. Here is what you should know as a collector opting for climate-controlled art storage in NYC.

Climate-Controlled Art Storage in NYC: The Magic of Climate Control

No artwork is the same

All objects, no matter if they serve an aesthetical or utilitarian purpose, have their own maintenance requirements. With works of fine art, it is often the case that they require an individualized approach. For example, works on paper have to be stored in different conditions than marble sculptures. Creating several different climate-controlled zones in one space is not simple, but it can be achieved in a specialized art storage facility.

There are many characteristics to be considered

Climate control is not only about ensuring the right level of temperature. While that is undoubtedly a crucial part of art preservation, humidity plays just as big of a role. If a humidity level is off by a significant margin, a fine art storage facility becomes a truly hazardous place. High humidity will promote mold growth and paper warping, while low humidity can make some materials dried out and brittle. In addition, fine art storage facilities have to be thoroughly cleaned from dust and regularly inspected.

Professional storage saves you money in the long run

One of the concerns you might have before opting for any sort of professional service is the price. Keeping your collection at home might seem like a more cost-efficient option at first. However, as time passes, you will see your artwork slowly deteriorating. In the end, repairing or replacing a piece of art is much more expensive than opting for a professional service. Not to mention, New York fine art logistics companies offer great deals on the storage of collections of any size and kind.

Art is one of the most durable and, simultaneously, fragile things there is. Even something as small as a drop of water or direct light can cause irreparable damage to it. Ensuring your collection is kept safe from all possible dangers of the outside world is easy thanks to professional climate-controlled art storage in NYC.