Building Shipping Crates

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It is always difficult to change the place of residence quickly, especially if you have a great number of belongings to relocate. Relocation of artworks or pets is even more difficult than the relocation of furniture and domestic supplies. Pieces of art need good preparation before transportation, and professional art handlers know it well. For example, each artwork should have individual packing that will guarantee the safety of transportation. Building shipping crates is the best option to ensure safe shipping, although many collectors may not understand this simple fact.

The Importance of Building Shipping Crates

Although everybody knows that it is impossible to transport paintings and other pieces of art without packing, many people still do not realize the importance of building shipping crates. So, it is high time to learn why shipping crates are considered the best variant of packing among art handlers all over the world:

  • customized manufacturing

Manufacturing a crate doesn’t take much time. However, one should mention that all crates are created according to the dimensions of a particular painting or another piece of art. To make a crate, art shippers may ask you to leave your paintings in the warehouse for a while. The item will be accurately measured to design the create that will protect it in the best way. Hence, if you have some precious paintings to ship, we can manufacture high-quality crates for each of them.

  • durability of the material

Wooden or plywood crates are harder than ordinary cardboard boxes, so it is better to use them for the transportation of valuable artworks. Many art handlers all over the world prefer crates because they protect the items from humidity and light. Hard material also provides better protection against mechanical damages in the process of transportation.

  • green material

Wood or plywood are considered eco-friendly materials. They do not harm the environment, as they are decomposable and recyclable.

  • one crate for all relocations

You may use wood or plywood many times to transport your artworks. Hence, you can save a lot of time and money, especially if you need to relocate paintings regularly.

The importance of building shipping crates is obvious, and art handlers at Fine Art Shippers know how to make the best crates for your artworks. We have substantial skills in making durable crates, as we have already transported a great number of paintings for private collectors and auction houses.