Blunders to Avoid When Shipping Artwork

Art is the language of the soul when you have no words to express yourself. Fine artworks come in handy as tools for expressing one’s creative imagination and gratifying the esthetic needs of art lovers. When shipping artwork ups, you should be careful to avoid costly blunders. The reason is that fine art can be costly, and beyond money, most of these pieces carry memories that money cannot buy. Additionally, some fine art owners have emotional attachments to their pieces of art the same way they do with their pets. Here are shipping blunders to avoid.

Lack of Specialized Equipment

Fine artwork requires you to use specialized equipment. Their bulk or fragile nature necessitates specialized tools to ensure that your artwork will arrive safely. That is where a professional shipper comes in handy because damage can occur either at the point of moving or packing to the moving equipment.

Poor Storage

If you are shipping artwork ups to a new location, you should consider storage. For instance, if you are moving to a new home and you will need some time before moving in your items, arrange for climatecontrolled art storage before finally moving your artwork into your new home.

Failing to Use Special Shipping Labels

If you value your artwork and would like to continue gorging your eyes on it, it is mandatory to use special shipping labels. You should use appropriate labels to show the nature of items inside the package. For instance, if the fine art is delicate, indicate that with a “Fragile” or “Handle with care” label. Even though labels are not an absolute guarantee your items will arrive safely, they are necessary for alerting shippers to take caution.

Poor Planning

Another mistake many art owners make is poor planning. They fail to plan for their valuable pieces by failing to appraise and insure them. Moreover, they fail to consider the complexities that accompany international shipping and plan for them appropriately.

Moving With Nonprofessionals

Lastly, never trust mediocre shipping companies to move your valuable artwork. Initially, they may seem cheap and attractive but eventually, they will cost you money and the priceless nostalgic memories attached to your artwork.

Artwork owners make numerous shipping artwork ups blunders that come back to haunt them. With the ones we have shared here, we believe you will avoid them next time you ship your artwork.