Bivins Gallery – A Must-Visit Art Gallery in Dallas, TX

If you are looking for a reputable fine art gallery in Dallas, TX to acquire a quality piece of art for your own collection, let us recommend Bivins Gallery! This amazing gallery hosts compelling exhibitions, represents many talented contemporary artists, and also has a comprehensive secondary market division to meet any need.

Bivins Gallery is a well-established art gallery in Dallas, owned and operated by Michael and Karen Bivins. Located in the prestigious Crescent complex, which is heralded as a celebration of history and arts, it offers an impressive selection of post-war, modern, contemporary, and abstract expressionist art by a broad spectrum of emerging, established, and blue-chip artists. For example, we highly recommend that you pay your attention to the works by Thierry Guetta aka Mr. Brainwash, David Datuna, Richard Hickam, Russell Young, William T. Wiley, and Mildred Howard.

It is also worth noting that Bivins Gallery is known for hosting charitable events, exclusive artists’ lectures, educational programs, and selected film screenings on relevant subjects. Besides, it brings its artists to some of the most important art fairs and shows, including CONTEXT Art Miami and Dallas Art Fair, and frequently collaborates with other fine art galleries to create the dialogue and confluence of ideas across the institutional spectrum.

Bivins Gallery is indeed a must-visit fine art gallery in Dallas. It challenges people to better understand contemporary and modern art within its historical and social contexts. Very recommended by Fine Art Shippers!

Photo credit: Bivins Gallery/bivinsgallery.com