Avoid These Risks and Mistakes When Shipping Glass Framed Art

Avoid These Risks and Mistakes When Shipping Glass Framed Art

Each artwork is delicate and fragile, requiring special treatment during all manipulations like packing and unpacking, moving art objects to a different place, and shipping over a long distance. Shipping glass framed art is a task of extra risk level, as there is always a hazard that glass will crack and damage the canvas. Unfortunately, such situations may happen because of a lack of handlers’ experience or your decision to move art on your own without studying the topic inside out. Here are the most common mistakes that owners of art framed with glass make (and you won’t if you do things differently).

#1 Disregard to Proper Packaging

Glass framed art needs an extra layer of protection during packaging, which is guaranteed by padding and corner protectors. If you simply put the glass framed painting into a cardboard box, it may sustain much damage in transit. Incorrect box size may also cause avoidable damage; too large or too small boxes may either cause excessive movement inside the box or prevent proper cushioning.

#2 Lack of Reinforcement

By using weak, thin outer boxes, you may guarantee insufficient protection for the glass framed artwork. As a result, it may tear the box and break as a result of abrupt movements during transportation.

#3 Shipping Glass Framed Art with an Inexperienced Service Provider

Only expert art handlers know how to package, move, and transport glass framed art with all safety precautions in mind. They do their best to secure and stabilize the artwork, while substandard carriers without experience may apply only a standard set of packaging techniques unsuitable for delicate art.

#4 Absence of Internal Supports

Internal bracing is a vital security measure that holds the frame and stabilizes the glass inside it during transportation. Without using this stabilizing measure, you can’t prevent frame and glass movement, which may cause the structure to deform in transit. Another mistake is applying improper mounting, which doesn’t prevent artwork movement and can cause bumps and scratches on the surface.

#5 Inadequate Glass Protection

Shipping glass framed art requires you to go the extra mile in protecting the glass surface, as it’s the main source of risk for your canvas. By allowing direct external pressure on the glass, you can cause it to break and tear the artwork. We recommend using a layer of protective film on the glass, which will minimize damage by holding the pieces of broken glass together.