Avoid These Parcel Forwarding Crimes to Stay Safe

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In the wake of increased online shopping, parcel forwarding service comes in handy as a vital point of contact between online sellers and buyers across the world. Since shipping is an integral part of online trading, it is important for buyers to take advantage of this service within prescribed legal confines because people can deal illegally. In this post, we shall share out the most dangerous crimes you need to avoid to keep yourself free from trouble.

Avoiding Insurance

For any meaningful international commerce to take place, insurance needs to be at the center of every shipping process. Even though it is not a legal obligation for all shipping to be insured, there is no reason to risk your package just to save a few coins you could probably lose if calamity befalls your shipment. Instead of trusting in guesswork, be sure and insure your art package.

Excluding Tracking Service
Another crime to avoid when dealing with parcel shipping and forwarding is using a carrier that does not offer tracking services. Initially, it may seem a bright idea since it could save you a few coins. However, you could lose the very savings you were trying to make if your parcel ends up in Tokyo when it was supposed to arrive in Johannesburg. Additionally, it will be difficult to know your parcel’s arrival time if you never tracked it from the beginning.

Lying to Evade Import Levies
Another crime some users of parcel forwarding service are committing is trying to evade the true amount of import duties they owe the government. They do this by filling in a very low value on their declaration forms. You should be careful since you are dealing with people tasked with collecting “Caesar’s” money, and they are not new to tax evasion tricks. To avoid getting into trouble with the law, just make a true declaration of the real value of your parcel.

Trying to Send Restricted Items
The last crime you should avoid when using a parcel forwarding service is trying to ship forbidden items. Ensure that whatever you are shipping is legally acceptable in your country of origin and the nation you are shipping to.

With the facts on the table, it is now your duty to avoid these shipping crimes to stay safe and on the right side of the law when using parcel forwarding services.