Artwork Insurance & Risk Advisory Services from DeWitt Stern

While it is crucial to hire a reliable art logistics company when shipping fine art and antiques, proper insurance plays no less important role. After all, even if the artwork is carefully packed and crated, there is still a risk that something may happen to it in transit. Luckily, many insurance carriers offer special artwork insurance coverage designed around the unique circumstances of art, which include but are not limited to the nature of the insured party, the location in which the item is displayed or stored, the type of art, and the way of transportation. At Fine Art Shippers, we offer a variety of artwork insurance options and can help you choose the right one for your particular situation. However, if you need expert insurance and risk advisory services, we can recommend DeWitt Stern, a reliable insurance brokerage company headquartered in New York City.

DeWitt Stern

Founded in 1899, DeWitt Stern is one of the most trusted insurance brokerage and risk management companies offering professional insurance and risk advisory services to businesses and individuals. With offices in New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, Sacramento, and Harahan, it successfully operates all over the United States, being the premier name in artwork insurance with a standard of exceptional service. Besides, in addition to fine arts, DeWitt Stern’s specialization also includes entertainment, media, restaurants, rental houses, aviation and marine, employee benefits, professional corporations, personal risk management, and more. This company is indeed one of the best in the industry!