Artwork Courier Service: The Secure Journey of Your Art

Artwork Courier Service

The world of global art is vibrant and diverse, with a huge number of art fairs, exhibitions, and shows opening across the world every day. However, an artwork courier service, which is one of the essential aspects of the art world’s heartbeat, often remains behind the scenes. This is a complex industry that ensures the safe and professional handling of art objects circulating the art community and traveling to be seen and admired in various countries. Let’s take a closer look at this aspect of the fine art universe.

Artwork Courier Service: The Secure Journey of Your Art

The world’s fine art heritage possesses immeasurable value for people in all parts of the world. Thus, one painting or sculpture can attend several exhibitions and shows within one year in line with the collectors’ and museums’ mission to offer eternal masterpieces for display. This is when a professional artwork courier service provider comes into play, organizing all processes with respect to the fine art objects’ delicacy and fragility.


The journey of your fine art object starts at your home, office, or gallery – the place where it’s usually stored. Art couriers come to your location to perform deinstallation and package the artwork in line with professional standards and guidelines. It’s vital to use only safe, acid-free packaging materials to prevent damage to the artwork’s surface.


Next comes the shipping process itself. By working with art courier companies, you may rest assured that your shipment will be handled with individual attention. A team of qualified art handlers will take your packaged artwork and carefully load it into a specially equipped art shuttle for further safe transportation.


Once the artwork arrives at its destination point, art couriers usually handle the process of delivery and installation. This way, you’re freed from any hassle related to managing your art object at any stage of transportation.

Additional Services

We’ve just covered the core elements of art courier services, while you can also request additional help (e.g., insurance assistance, crating, and storage).

As you can see, artwork courier service provision is not an easy task, so you shouldn’t rely on regular shipping companies for these services. It’s much safer to hire art handlers with special training and experience dealing with delicate fine art objects, like Fine Art Shippers. By turning to us, you always get top-notch service with due care for the integrity of your valuable belongings.