Art Courier Service by Fine Art Shippers: What to Expect

Art Courier Service by Fine Art Shippers

An art courier service plays a crucial role in the art world: no exhibition would open without it, nor would an item purchased at an auction reach its new owner. The idea behind this art shipping service is not only to move valuable pieces from one location to another but also to ensure that they are transported with the utmost care and security. That’s why this service often involves trained professionals who understand the special needs of handling delicate and valuable pieces, not just regular couriers. 

What Does an Art Courier Service Cover?

Perhaps, the most frequently asked question about an art courier service is what exactly it covers and what you should be prepared to do on your own. In anticipation of this question, we would like to emphasize right away that by hiring Fine Art Shippers, you will not have to worry about either the preparation for transportation or your precious possessions while they are in transit. We deliver valuable items within New York and across the United States with the help of our regular art shuttles. Their preliminary schedule can be found on the corresponding page of our website.

The only thing you need to do is to insure your fine artworks, antiques, or other collectibles for the transportation. No matter how professionally and carefully our specialists handle the art, unforeseen circumstances such as natural disasters may suddenly occur. Therefore, we recommend that you take insurance seriously, especially for valuable items.

Here is what you can expect from the Fine Art Shippers team.

  • Preparing all necessary materials and tools for the move
  • Pick-up and delivery scheduling
  • Onsite art handling of the artwork without your involvement
  • Deinstallation and disassembling of the artwork if it is necessary for safe transit
  • Careful packing of an item using top-quality, acid-free packing materials
  • Custom art crating at your location or in our warehouse if required
  • White glove art courier service
  • Hand-to-hand delivery
  • Secure transit in vehicles specially equipped for the transportation of fine art pieces
  • Temperature/climate-control and GPS tracking systems inside the vehicles
  • Unpacking of an item upon arrival and waste disposal
  • Installation of the delivered artwork upon request

Thus, by contacting Fine Art Shippers, you will be completely free from worrying about the transportation of your valuable cargo. You can also rest assured that everything will be done in a highly professional manner, without any damage to your item, no matter how fragile or old it is. Over 27 years in the fine art shipping business, we have earned the trust of thousands of clients, from private collectors to the major fine art museums of the United States, and many of them come to us again.

If you still have any questions regarding an art courier service by Fine Art Shippers, our team will be glad to answer them via email or phone.