Artist Friendly: Top 4 Reasons Artists Choose Fine Art Shippers

Artist Friendly: Top 4 Reasons Artists Choose Fine Art Shippers

Contemporary artists constitute a considerable part of our clientele. For over 25 years in the logistics business, Fine Art Shippers have provided competent assistance to a variety of world-known, mid-career, and emerging painters, sculptors, designers, architects, and other types of visual art creators. Such an invaluable experience allowed us to adjust our services to their needs and make them somewhat “artist friendly.” Learn what this quality means and what reasons stand behind it.

What Are Artist-Friendly Services?

Attention is probably the first thing that makes customized service. As a team of art handlers with a large amount of experience under our belts, we know how profound the love of a creator is to their brainchild, meaning a canvas, statuette, or any other piece. That’s why our experts pay close attention to the instructions and desires of clients if there are such. It is our way to ensure that the packing and moving procedure will go without any mistakes.

Artists often need several different services at once. With Fine Art Shippers, they can insure, pack, crate, ship, install, and store their valuables without any risk to their safety. It is a big advantage of our company, as we can build the entire logistics chain on our own so that our customers don’t need to look for other experts with some narrow specialization.

Experience and reputation are, without a doubt, the parameters that guarantee effective cooperation and soothe minds and souls. We want our clients to avoid shipping stress and rely on our professional help. When they see good feedback on the internet and read through the history of our family-owned company, they feel more secure and hence are more cooperative, which is a win-win for both parties.

Fine Art Shippers, the Artists’ Best Choice

If you are an artist, you must know how challenging it is to find the right art movers. The problem is that there are quite a lot of candidates and not so much time to make the decision. It is when you require quick and viable solutions, and Fine Art Shippers is always ready to offer them to you whenever you are in need.

Let us prove what we have said above by contacting us and requesting a free online quote. You will see how artist friendly our services are by yourself.