Artificum Rerumnatura — A New Intriguing Painting by Verita Amare Et

Artificum Rerumnatura — A New Intriguing Painting by Verita Amare Et

Fine Art Shippers is pleased to share the news that Verita Amare Et, aka Veronika Medvedeva, has created a new intriguing painting. Emphatically titled “Artificum Rerumnatura,” the artwork begs vital existential questions and effectively reinforces the ideas the artist wants to convey to the public. It is the most recent painting created by Verita Amare Et in the Caucasus Mountains. Below you will find all the essential details humbly given to us by the artist herself.

A New Intriguing Painting by Verita Amare Et

What did you want to express with your new work?

I wanted to express unity and happiness, but for that, I had to change a facial expression many times. In the end, this artwork is still full of misunderstandings about the inferiority and mockery of pure life. That is the expression I decided to stay with, as those are the emotions I have been experiencing since early childhood. At first, by thinking that something could be fixed, I tried to help, but then I understood that it is suppressed everywhere, and the effect of this help is destroyed by someone intentionally. That feeling did not find a way out and thus intensified my pain. 

Who is depicted in “Artificum Rerumnatura”? What stands behind this intriguing painting?

In the painting, you see a woman called Feya. Feyes are human beings who were expelled from humanity for their abilities and high sensitivity and were, therefore, counted among indigent and underprivileged people. As a result, they cannot join any group because of persecution, envy, and hatred for their ability to see the truth.

What is so significant about Feyes?Artificum Rerumnatura — A New Intriguing Painting by Verita Amare Et

The word Feye denotes a living person with the capacity to feel more than many have lost in urban life. Feyes hear thoughts of nature, people, animals, and living things. However, it takes a lot of effort, and finding a connection becomes more difficult by not understanding most of what nature says. Without true values, it is hard to be fully happy and have all the abilities that everyone can have.

The forest speaks, and Feyes put the knowledge of nature and its inhabitants into the form of human capabilities and means. Animals and birds are in a hurry to come to them to tell the news about what is happening around, in the world of nature and the separated world of people.

What future do you see for the painting?

This is an unfinished painting, but I won’t change it, as I am afraid of losing what is already found in it. As for the technique, this is my newly discovered light development technique that emerged in the process of creation.

Verita Amare Et’s intriguing painting “Artificum Rerumnatura” has already attracted the attention of international galleries and will likely be soon exhibited in Tokyo, Japan. At Fine Art Shippers, we wish the artist lots of luck, as we believe that her art is truly vital; it pushes forward the ideas so pertinent for modern people.

Photo courtesy of Verita Amare Et