Art Wynwood & Palm Beach Modern + Contemporary Have Been Canceled

Canceled events

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is still here, affecting our lives and making it more difficult for each of us to spend time in the ways we normally would. The art industry continues to take hits as well. The collection of canceled and postponed events has now expanded to include two more important international art fairs: Art Wynwood and Palm Beach Modern + Contemporary. The first one was scheduled for February 11-15, while Palm Beach Modern + Contemporary Fair was set to take place on March 18-21. Both art fairs have been canceled for 2021, but they will return in 2022.

Art Wynwood & Palm Beach Modern + Contemporary Fairs

Art Wynwood and Palm Beach Modern + Contemporary have been canceled by the Art Miami Show Group due to concerns about COVID-19 in South Florida. The decision was supported by collectors and galleries participating in the events, who expressed an interest in postponing the shows for the next year.

It is worth noting that the Art Miami Show Group team made every effort to ensure that the live art fairs in South Florida would take place as planned, ensuring the safety and health of all those who participated in their production. However, the concern around the well-being of exhibitors and visitors of the shows, as well as difficulties with international and domestic travel, which would likely impact attendance, led to the decision to cancel Art Wynwood and Palm Beach Modern + Contemporary in 2021.

As for this year’s editions of Art Miami, CONTEXT Art Miami, and Aqua Art Miami, they are expected to take place as scheduled in December. Hopefully, the situation with the pandemic will soon improve, and we will be able to visit live shows without fear for our health.