Art Supplies Storage Tips

It’s a well-known fact that a temporary change in location may spark new ideas or help refine those already generated. This is especially true when it comes to artists who create some of their most stunning fine art pieces while traveling around the world. Thus, if you are one of such artists, most likely you have art supplies and even partially completed projects stored in different places you work in. So let us give you some useful advice on how to store your art supplies and what exactly you can safely store for several seasons without damage.

Unfinished canvas art pieces

Partially completed paintings should be stored vertically on a special canvas art storage rack away from any risk of moisture damage. For this reason, the best you can do is to use a reliable museum-quality storage facility like the one offered by Fine Art Shippers. Secure, clean, and climate-controlled art storage is always a wise idea if you want to get your unfinished works of fine art safe and sound.


You can store your paintbrushes for many years as long as you keep them in good condition. All you should do is to carefully wash and dry them right after each use. Moreover, even if you usually use a paint thinner or water, a long-term art supplies storage requires a special brush cleaner. Besides, make sure you store your paintbrushes away from any leaky paint tubes.

Charcoal and chalk

Charcoal and chalk can be damaged by sudden and frequent changes in humidity levels. However, these art supplies can be stored for many years in case they are kept in airtight and waterproof plastic containers with lids.


Pencils and colored pencils, especially those with soft wax content, can be easily damaged by moisture and heat. The fact is that these essential art supplies may lose their pigment potency or even melt if subjected to constant moisture and temperature changes. In this way, forget about storing them in an un-air-conditioned room or unheated garage. Climate-controlled art storage is the best option for high-quality pencils and other professional art supplies. 

Watercolor paints

You can store watercolor paints for a few months. As long as the paint tube is not dried out, it is good for the next season. So make sure you have wiped the excess paint off the dispenser and caps before leaving them for storage. Moreover, all of the paint tubes should be necessarily sealed tight.

Acrylic paints

Acrylic paints can be stored for 5+ years (some of them can last even over 10 years). To prepare them for art supplies storage, first of all, make sure that the tubes don’t have leaks. In case, there is a leak, use duct tape in order not to let air ruin the paint. Once you are sure there are no pinholes and leaks, wipe away any excess paint from each tube. For storage, you can use airtight, waterproof plastic containers.

Oil paints

Professional oil paints can last for 10 – 20 years or sometimes even longer, so you can easily store them at home. However, don’t forget about airtight plastic containers and temperature and humidity control, as heat and moisture may cause these art supplies to age faster. Use a cloth to wipe off the residue paint around each cap and screw them tightly before storing. Besides, it is recommended that you store oil paints cap end down.

In this way, if you want to extend the life of your art supplies and unfinished paintings, just follow the above tips or entrust this work to a professional art moving and storage company like Fine Art Shippers!