Art Storage Facility vs. Home Storage: What Is Better?

Art Storage Facility vs. Home Storage

If you have been collecting artworks for some time now, you have probably thought about needing space for your collection at least once. Some people manage just fine with the home storage space they built themselves, while others opt for a more professional solution and rent an art storage facility. Each situation is unique, so you might need to examine your art pieces first to choose an option that suits you best. This article might guide you in the right direction.

Art Storage Facility vs. Home Storage

There are many reasons why you might choose to store your artwork at home instead of renting an art storage facility. Not everyone feels comfortable trusting someone else with their pieces. On the other hand, however, storage units are favored by most people in the process of renovation: they often rent out storage spaces to protect their collection from construction dust. Besides, a storage facility is perfect for keeping your items out of the way while you are moving your house.

The truth is that the scenarios in which one might need additional storage space are limitless. Now, let us address several common concerns a collector might have.

  • Cost

You might be surprised, but using an art storage facility to store your items might be more cost-effective than building an entire storage space at home from scratch. Remember that a place to keep your artwork is not the only thing storage facilities offer you — they also provide security and safety for your pieces. While it might be cheaper to simply stack the paintings in your closet, is it worth it if they end up damaged?

  • Safety

Opinions tend to vary on this topic. Even though it feels like it is safer to keep your precious belongings close to you, storage units should not be underestimated. An art storage facility is a guarded space that will not let just anyone near your valuables.

  • Maintenance

To properly preserve works of art, one must invest in organizing storage space according to several requirements: your art has to be protected from direct sunlight, harsh temperatures, and humidity. These goals might be hard to achieve in at-home conditions. Luckily, art storage facilities are ready to provide you with proper art maintenance services.

We hope that after reading this article, you will be better equipped at making a well-thought-out choice. Do not hesitate to address your preferred fine art handling company with any questions and concerns you have.