Art Shuttle New York – California – New York Will Leave on June 17

Fine Art Shippers is happy to share the news that we will have an art shuttle New York – California – New York, which is scheduled for the next week. The shuttle will leave NYC on June 17, heading to the East North Central states first and then to the Western United States. We are going to visit Denver in Colorado, Eugene in Oregon, and many cities in California, from San Francisco to Del Mar. On our way back to New York, the shuttle will visit Dallas, Texas. Now let’s look at the route in detail.

Art Shuttle New York – California – New York

Shipping fine art with Fine Art Shippers is not only safe and secure but also cost-effective, especially if you are shipping artworks with our consolidated art shuttles. One of them, a round-trip art shuttle New York – California – New York, is leaving next week, June 17.

As mentioned above, from NYC, our shuttle will head to the East North Central states where we will make stops in Hamilton, Michigan, and Kronenwetter, Wisconsin. The next major stops on our way to California will be in Denver and Boulder, Colorado.

From Colorado, we will head to the West Coast of the United States, with the first stop in Eugene, Oregon. After making all art deliveries in Eugene, the shuttle will go to San Francisco, California. We will also be able to visit Sacramento and Elk Grove to pick up and/or deliver fine art if required. Once the job in this part of California is done, our team will go to Santa Barbara, Malibu, Los Angeles, Del Mar, and finally Palm Springs. Other stops are possible on request.

On its way back to NYC, the art shuttle New York – California – New York will pass through Texas where we will have a stop in Dallas to pick up and deliver art items.

If you are interested in joining our cross-country art shuttle, please feel free to contact our team or request a shipping quote online.

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