How to Roll Artwork for Shipping Like a Pro: A Guide for Artists

How to Roll Artwork for Shipping Like a Pro A Guide for Artists

Those who make art professionally know that there is more to it than just the creative process. At some point, your craftsmanship reaches the level where you start getting recognition in the form of commissions and sales. Today, anyone can buy artwork from artists from all over the globe and get it shipped straight to their door. Artists often have to figure out the logistics of the art transportation process all by themselves and often get lost in the variety of methods available to them. Today, we will tell you how to roll artwork for shipping and make sure that your precious pieces arrive safely at their destination.

How to Roll Artwork for Shipping Like a Pro: A Guide for Artists

Rolled artwork is much cheaper to ship, which makes it one of the most widespread methods of transporting paintings and art prints there is. The answer to the question of how to roll artwork for shipping might seem like an obvious one. All you need is to roll up your painting or print and then ship it. Sounds quite simple, right? However, there are several things that you have to remember when dealing with delicate pieces.

How to Roll Artwork for Shipping Like a Pro: A Guide for Artists

Beware of cracks, wrinkles, and bends

If you are shipping a paper-based piece, you must always roll it so the image is on the outside to protect it from cracking or wrinkling. Of course, your artwork should be fully dry before you ship it. Make sure that you do not roll your canvas or print too tightly. Otherwise, it might bend and crease, ruining the pristine look of the work.

Add protective layers

All of your packaging materials that come in direct contact with your artwork have to be acid-free. Using acid-free glassine paper as the first layer helps prevent paintings from oxidizing. Once you have wrapped your rolled piece in the first acid-free layer, add bubble wrap on top to ensure maximized protection.

Choose the right shipping tube

A perfect-sized shipping tube should not be too small or too large. You will need a thick cardboard tube around 4 inches longer and wider than your rolled piece. Do not forget to seal the shipping tube and label it.

How to Roll Artwork for Shipping Like a Pro: A Guide for Artists

With what you have just learned on how to roll artwork for shipping, you will become a master at this task in no time. However, if you have any doubts, be sure to contact a professional art shipping company for help.