5 Things You Should Know When Shipping Fine Art Prints

5 Things You Should Know When Shipping Fine Art Prints

There is no better way to convince yourself that your valuable fine art print was handed off in the best condition possible than delivering it in person. However, even if you have previous experience in handling fine art, moving precious art pieces from one place to another without professional help may be decidedly risky. So how to ensure your artwork arrives at its destination safely and securely? We have compiled a list of five useful tips you should consider when shipping fine art prints of exceptional value.

5 Essential Tips for Shipping Fine Art Prints

1. Make sure you are properly covered

Always remember, safety first when shipping fine art prints. No matter whether you are going to relocate your artworks locally or shoot them off on a round-the-world trip, fine art insurance is your best friend. Fortunately, there is a huge number of reliable and experienced companies that can help you arrange the proper insurance coverage to guarantee you a good night`s sleep when your work of art is in transit.

2. Consider custom services

Shipping fine art prints is an art in itself because each piece should be handled and packed independently, in full accordance with its transportation requirements and physical features. For this reason, make sure art movers offer a wide range of customized art packing and crating services and are able to protect your possessions from damages in any unforeseen conditions.

3. Choose the most suitable mode of transport

When it comes to choosing a mode of transport, you need to evaluate a number of crucial factors, including the weight and size of your art print, its value, destination, and certainly your budget. In case you are not sure which mode of transport is the best for your particular case, ask fine art movers for professional advice.

4. Do not accept second-best

When shipping works of art, you should be very careful, as these items are extremely delicate. Thereby, make sure that the chosen movers specialize in the transportation of your particular kind of art. Do not be afraid to seem picky and ask all the interested questions. You need to find the best fine art moving company that has an excellent reputation and a great deal of expertise under its belt.

5. Opt for security over risk

Nobody knows what lies around the corner. Unexpectancies may happen in the blink of an eye. Natural disasters, theft, or fire can damage or even destruct your precious possessions. For this reason, when transporting a piece of art, look for an art shipping company that will take the greatest of care in terms of security. Always remember that even the smallest failure to comply with art packing standards and international rules of art shipping may lead to serious damages that may cause a dramatic loss for the art world.

Hence, there is a myriad of things to consider when shipping fine art prints and other artworks. The more of them you know, the more at ease you feel during the process of art transportation. Good luck!