Art Packing Crate as the Safest Artwork Shipping Container: 3 Whys

Art Packing Crate as the Safest Artwork Shipping Container: 3 Whys

Between a cardboard box and an art packing crate, always choose a crate. Indeed, there is nothing safer than a custom-built wooden crate in the entire art logistics industry. It is true that such a container can cope with any task and satisfy any requirements. However, many may not use crates because they simply don’t need to. Apparently, they are more expensive, and sometimes you don’t really require that extra level of safety. At the same time, you should know why artwork shipping crates are considered the best in class. Keep reading!

Art Packing Crate as the Safest Artwork Shipping Container: 3 Whys

1. Custom approach

Every art crate is built with the artwork dimensions and proportions—if we are talking about multi-part art—in mind. Whether you are shipping a large canvas, a middle-sized bronze sculpture, or some ceramics, you should exploit the benefits of crates in full. Before building a wooden packing crate, carpenters take into account all the special features of an artwork, which automatically enhances the safety of the shipment.

2. Materials & practical design

Crates are made firm and durable so that they can withstand damage and hence protect artworks inside. The secret to their longevity lies in high-quality materials that make their design rather robust. Add to that carpenters’ professional skills, and you will get an optimal art shipping solution.

3. Different types for different needs

To meet clients’ shipping needs, art shipping companies use different crates for different purposes. For example, there are open and closed crates, stitched and wire-bound crates, and so-called travel frames constructed without sheaths. Each type has its pros and cons and is used for different purposes.

What do you think of an art packing crate as a container for your art? Hopefully, the information above has helped you better understand the peculiarities and advantages of wooden crates. If you need one or two in the future, you can turn to Fine Art Shippers. Our carpenters are among the best in New York City!