Art on Wheels by Mitchell Schorr & Fine Art Shippers

Fine Art Shippers & Mitchell Schorr Promote Art on Wheels

There are numerous ways of promoting art to the public. Some people start blogs about art, others advertise art on social media, and still, others invest in artists and their artworks. Fine Art Shippers decided to go even further and create something unpreceded. Our company joined forces with Mitchell Schorr, an iconic NYC-based mural painter widely known for his Da Race series. The famous street artist painted his new piece right on one of our art shuttle vans. Here are the results.

Art on Wheels by Mitchell Schorr & Fine Art Shippers

The innovative art project became our joint effort to make fine art closer to people. Our cross-country van magically transformed into a piece of incredible art on wheels. Mitchell Schorr decorated a vehicle with a new painting from his well-known series, hence the project name – “Da Race on Wheels.” Traditionally for the Da Race series, the urban artist depicted race cars and an ice cream truck. The thing is that the positions of cars change with every new painting, which overall creates a special dynamic.

Fine Art Shippers is proud to be working with such a talented and experienced artist. Throughout his career, Mitchell Schorr has had exhibitions in London, Paris, Rome, Hong Kong, and Art Basel Miami Beach, among many others. His main creative battlefield remains New York City. Since last summer, the street artist has been working in the Big Apple, trying to bring colors to the streets of the city after the pandemic made New York a ghost town.

Looking at how an art shuttle van was becoming a piece of fine art was a unique and exciting experience. We were glad to be part of this amazing transformation. No matter where we go, we will be exhibiting amazing street art along the way. That is how we can attract more attention to the art by simultaneously making it more accessible.