Art Movers in San Francisco: Expectations and Reality

Art Movers in San Francisco: Expectations and Reality

The Golden Gate Bridge, picturesque hills, and architectural landmarks make San Francisco one of the most culturally energetic communities in the US. It is no wonder that the city is home to de Young Museum, Exploratorium, Anglim Gilbert Gallery, and Jack Fischer Gallery. With such a variety of museums and galleries, it is fair to say that San Fran just depends on quality moving services. But how do you look for professional art movers in San Francisco? Let’s dispel common expectations and look at the reality!

Art Movers in San Francisco: Expectations and Reality

Expectation: All movers are the same

Reality: Some people might think that there is no big difference between moving companies as the process is basically the same every time you need to transport art. However, it is not the ability to carry a canvas but safety and customer service that matter. If not security, you will be able to do it yourself.

Expectation: They can move anything anywhere

Reality: Some experts provide their services locally, some can drive only to specific destinations, and some others can move artworks across the country. That’s how business is, and yet people may require the impossible. Distance is one of the most important factors in moving, and that’s why it is better to focus on those companies that fit your needs and time.

Expectation: Rates are more or less the same

Reality: There is a range of parameters influencing the final cost of services, and yet rates may differ from company to company. Why? It all depends on distance, time, miscellaneous materials, and a truck. Apparently, all those things vary, meaning that you shouldn’t be afraid to ask as many art movers in San Francisco as possible. It might save you some money.

Expectation: They can do a lot if you ask them

Reality: While looking for art movers in San Francisco, you might encounter a lot of firms with a different list of available services. For example, one company can specialize in the transportation of canvases and sculptures but doesn’t provide storage facilities for keeping items safe. Make sure to ask managers about it.

Time to Move On

Is the information above eye-opening for you? By knowing what to expect from cooperation with art movers in San Francisco, you can be aware of what you pay for and choose companies more wisely.