Art Installation Services for Your Next Art Project

To have a brilliant artistic idea is not always enough. It is also important to bring it to life in the right way so that the viewer can understand the art concept and its meaning properly. It may seem not a big problem if your project consists of only several small or medium-sized art pieces. But what if it is comprised of many details or super large artworks that are hard to handle without the proper equipment? In such a case, the best you can do is opt for professional art installation services like those provided by Fine Art Shippers.

Art Installation Services for Your Next Art Project

Fine Art Shippers specializes in installing art in a whole range of different venues, from galleries and hotels to historic houses. Over the last 25 years, our dedicated team of art handlers has worked with a large number of artists, art businesses, and collectors in New York and worldwide, helping them create mind-blowing art installations of any kind. Our projects range from standard installation of art pieces in public and private spaces to mounting oversized sculptures and exhibition set-up. We also have extensive experience in working at the international art fairs and antique shows where we assist exhibitors in arranging their booths and preparing for the presentation.

Art installation services from Fine Art Shippers are performed with the utmost care and discretion and often complemented by an array of other professional services. These may include custom art packing and crating, art pick-up and delivery, engineering works, art advisory and consultation, bespoke framing, art storage, and many more. We offer white glove services to meet any need and are ready for any challenges. If you are interested in premium quality art installation services provided at reasonable rates, please feel free to contact Fine Art Shippers. We would love to discuss your next art project and help you with its implementation!

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