Art Freight Services: Your 2024 Complete Guide to Handling Art

Art Freight Services

Fine art objects are gentle and vulnerable; in most cases, they are also irreplaceable. This means you won’t have a second chance in case your artwork gets ruined, damaged, or destroyed in transit. For this reason, the rule of thumb in the art world is to move or ship art objects only if absolutely necessary. If that’s the case for you, it would be wise to hire a company providing professional art freight services, which is able to handle the entire art transportation process with safety and care.

Main Principles of Professional Art Freight Services

What do expert art freight services usually involve? Here are a few principles you should know and expect from your hired art-handling team.

#1 Safety

The principle of safety is at the heart of everything an art handler does. Thus, the team providing art freight services should act safely toward themselves, other team members, your premises (walls, floor, corners, etc.), and your art object.

#2 Professionalism

There is also a set of professional guidelines for an art handler. For example, they shouldn’t work with delicate and expensive works of art if they are sick, tired, or injured, as these conditions weaken their attention to detail and may undermine the workers’ and artwork’s safety. Besides, an art handler should approach the art object with calmness and respect, thus ensuring that all art handling guidelines are performed ideally.

#3 Delicate Handling

At the basics of the delicate handling of art objects lies the meticulous treatment of the transportation process so that your art freight always stays secure and protected from potential risks. For instance, art freight services providers should measure the dimensions throughout the whole route of the artwork’s transportation to the art shuttle and ensure the path is clear. They also move artwork on carts or dollies that minimize the risk of dropping and keep the heavy, fragile objects as close to the floor as possible to avoid damage.

Fine Art Shippers: Your Dedicated Partner for Art Freight Shipping

As you can see, there is a long list of requirements for safe handling of art freight, and only an experienced team can do the job well. That’s why working with experts is always a safe bet for cautious art owners unwilling to take risks. Fine Art Shippers has been in the art shipping industry since 1995, so we have a long list of successful cases under our belt and can deliver top-tier service. Contact us to find out more and let your art freight travel safely with our team of art handlers.