Art Enthusiasts Immersed Themselves in the ADAA Chelsea Gallery Walk

ADAA Chelsea Gallery Walk

The ADAA Chelsea Gallery Walk has held its fifth edition, presenting a self-guided adventure that involved a tour through 34 member galleries. Visitors engaged with some of the most exciting and vibrant displays in NYC during the summer event and enjoyed a variety of exclusive programming.

Highlights of the ADAA Chelsea Gallery Walk

The Chelsea Gallery Walk featured a range of unique experiences and exhibitions. At 303 Gallery, attendees had the opportunity to witness the unveiling and signing of artist Sam Falls’s new book, complemented by a reading from Coco Gordon Moore, the daughter of Kim Gordon. Paula Cooper Gallery organized an insightful walkthrough of the Luciano Fabro exhibition, guided by Senior Partner Steven Henry. DC Moore Gallery allowed visitors to engage with artist Jimmy Wright directly. Nohra Haime Gallery offered a guided tour of the Ruby Rumié exhibition.

Susan Inglett Gallery stood out with an engaging action painting session and a curated walkthrough of “Monkey Business” by David Platzker. Sean Kelly’s “Reclamation” exhibition took center stage with a guided tour. Lehmann Maupin arranged a fascinating guided tour of “The Corpsing Pictures” by Katherine Rochester, the Curatorial Director. Galerie Lelong & Co. provided a unique perspective with a guided walkthrough by summer intern Zara Simba.

Yossi Milo hosted a guided tour of “Crusading The Specter,” a group exhibition curated by artist and filmmaker Shikeith. Mitchell-Innes & Nash showcased a special walkthrough of “Worldmaking,” a group exhibit featuring ten emerging artists from Ghana, guided by Ylinka Barotto, co-curator and Gallery Director.

ACA Galleries provided a refreshing reception with delectable snacks and drinks.

To capture the excitement of the event, an Instagram Photo Contest invited participants to use the tag #ADAAGalleryWalk and share their favorite gallery walk moments on Instagram. Lucky winners had the chance to receive Art Show tickets, a tote bag filled with art books, and exhibition catalogs.

About the Art Dealers Association of America (ADAA)

The Art Dealers Association of America (ADAA) is a nonprofit organization comprising some of the most preeminent art galleries in the nation. Since its inception, ADAA has been committed to fostering the ideals of connoisseurship, scholarly depth, and ethical conduct in the fine arts industry. ADAA’s member galleries specialize in a diverse range of art forms, including paintings, sculpture, prints, drawings, and photographs, spanning from the Renaissance to contemporary times. Each gallery under the ADAA umbrella is managed by a seasoned and well-versed dealer in their respective artistic domain. Boasting over 200 member galleries, the ADAA spans nearly 40 cities across the U.S.

If you missed the ADAA Chelsea Art Walk, there’s no need to worry, because there is another significant event on the horizon. The Art Dealers Association of America also organizes The Art Show, an esteemed art fair that is scheduled for November 2023. This event provides another fantastic opportunity to engage with incredible art pieces and mingle within the vibrant art community. Make sure to bookmark this post for future reference and to stay updated with the latest news on Fine Art Shippers’ website.