Art Storage in Manhattan: Maximize the Safety of Your Valuables

Art Storage in Manhattan Maximize the Safety of Your Valuables

Here at Fine Art Shippers, we know everything there is to know about keeping artwork and antiques safe. The transportation methods and packing techniques we utilize have proven their reliability and effectiveness through the years. However, we also believe that there is always room for improvement. One way to never stop growing is by expanding your horizons. This is why we are happy to say that we are opening a new art storage facility in New York. Here is what you need to know about our art storage in Manhattan.

Art Storage in Manhattan: Maximize the Safety of Your Valuables

It is a well-known fact that artworks and antiques require special protection and care. Some of the most common sources of danger for valuable collectibles, for example, poor climate control inside the storage space, are difficult to avoid without professional intervention. That is why fine art storage facilities play a necessary role in keeping your collection in great shape. So, how is our new art storage facility equipped to deal with the challenges of fine art preservation?

Thanks to the latest technological advances used by the world’s top art institutions, our fine art storage facility always has perfectly stable environmental conditions. It stays at 70° Fahrenheit (+/-2°) and 50% relative humidity (+/- 5%), as recommended by the leading experts in art conservation. Moreover, the integrated atomization technology is utilized to maintain perfect humidity levels at all times. Our fine art storage facility also provides total protection from dust build-up and molding, which are major concerns when storing artwork and other delicate objects.

In addition to creating an agreeable environment on the inside, our storage facility is safeguarded from any outside influences. To protect valuables from unwanted visitors, the storage space is always controlled and monitored, with burglar alarm systems installed for optimal safety. The facility is also outfitted with pre-action dry-line fire suppression designed to prevent water from contacting your precious items. Finally, your art collection will stay safe even in case of a power outage because the facility will be powered up by a 750 kWh natural gas generator.

Engineered by the best experts in the industry, Fine Art Shippers’ new facility for art storage in Manhattan is a perfect location for the safekeeping of your precious possessions. We are looking forward to bringing the first orders from our clients to our new art storage space.