Acclaimed & Emerging Artists at Wanrooij Gallery

There are many museums and galleries with amazing collections of art in Amsterdam. The Van Gogh Museum, the Rijksmuseum, the Hermitage Amsterdam, and the Museum het Rembrandthuis are just some of the most renowned. However, if you are looking for innovative and inspiring art by both acclaimed and emerging artists, let us recommend visiting Wanrooij Gallery at KNSM-laan.

Wanrooij Gallery

Wanrooij Gallery is a well-established gallery in Amsterdam known for showcasing challenging and cutting-edge artworks with character. It was founded by Martijn Wanrooij in 2005 with the aim to provide a stage for acclaimed and emerging artists from around the world. Focused on new media art, Wanrooij Gallery represents many contemporary talents, including Mr. Brainwash, Leon Keer, Buff Monster, Logan Hicks, Gary Taxali, Gerard Rancinan, and also Max Zorn, a Dutch artist known for using packing tape as an artistic medium.

Today, Wanrooij Gallery is one of the most renowned galleries in the Netherlands, which constantly seeks new challenges, trying to push the boundaries of the art world. Besides, it has vast art experience. Not only does this gallery host curated art exhibitions in Amsterdam, but it also participates in some of the world’s most important and influential art fairs, including Art Miami, Art Miami New York, Art Amsterdam, and Masters of LXRY.

Whether you are looking for works by acclaimed or emerging artists in Amsterdam, take your time to visit Wanrooij Gallery! This amazing gallery has a wonderful selection of art for any taste.