ABAD Gallery – Contemporary Art Gallery in Tehran, Iran

Iran has long been known for the richness of its history, culture, and natural beauty. This country was considered a center of civilization in ancient times, and it still keeps a lot of treasures that are waiting to be discovered. Besides, Iran has one of the world’s greatest art heritages in history, which encompasses everything from traditional painting and pottery to metalworking and architecture. Iranian contemporary art is no less impressive. The country has many beautiful museums and fine art galleries, especially in the Tehran area. In particular, at Fine Art Shippers, we highly recommend that you visit ABAD Gallery. The time you spend in this art gallery will be well worth it!

ABAD Gallery

ABAD Gallery is a fine art gallery located in Tehran, Iran. Aimed at drawing the public attention to the contradictions and differences existing within contemporary art, it provides space for talented artists who are not afraid to exchange viewpoints in the context of this form of art. For instance, ABAD Gallery has exhibited paintings, sculptures, digital art, multi-media art, and conceptual ceramic art by such artists as Shabnam Ghafghazi, Hamed Behroozkar, Raheleh T. Filsoofi, and Soodabeh Kordi. Besides, this art gallery holds exhibitions dedicated to handmade jewelry, in particular, works by Janan Jewelry.

Once you are in Tehran, take your time to visit an exhibition at ABAD Gallery! This art gallery pushes the boundaries of Iranian contemporary art, introducing to the public really amazing works by some of the most talented artists.