A Guide for Packing and Shipping Antique Furniture

Shipping antique furniture

Antique pieces cannot be treated only as decorative and aesthetic items. Antiques are priceless due to their heritage value. Therefore, you need to be extremely careful with moving any antique item, especially when it comes to shipping antique furniture. Such furniture pieces are usually heavy and large, and they additionally require special handling and packing.

Professional Services

A reliable method to avoid mishandling is to hire professionals. The moving company will ensure that your furniture stays intact and also will help you with packing your items to protect them from scratches and breakage. Moreover, trusted antique shipping services will compensate you for any possible damage that may occur during the move.

Tips for Shipping Antique Furniture

Consider these tips to protect your items in transit:

1. Take inventory

Maintain a list and take photos of all the furniture pieces to be transported. It will serve as an evidence of the ‘before shipping’ condition of your property and help you make claims if any damage is sustained.

2. Get an appraisal

Know the precise value of your antiques in order to get the proper insurance coverage if any unexpected accident occurs.

3. Inform shippers about the fragility of your furniture

Antique furniture pieces are not as robust as ordinary ones. Therefore, do not forget to tell the shippers about all the vulnerable parts of your antiques beforehand.

4. Clean each item

Try to keep your furniture clean to ensure its arrival in the best condition possible. Avoid chemical-based cleaning products as they can dampen and damage your antiques.

5. Use wrapping materials

Carefully wrap your furniture in order not to lose any parts. The most appropriate materials for this purpose are professional protective wraps and furniture moving blankets.

6. Avoid overpacking

Overpacking is a bad solution for both your antique furniture and environment. If you are not sure how to properly pack your antiques, leave this work to professional shippers who utilize various methods to secure your possessions while staying as sustainable as possible.

If you need help with shipping antique furniture, Fine Art Shippers will offer you a wide range of options for dealing with fragile items of any size.