5 Ways Art Shipping Crates Protect Your Shipment

5 Ways Art Shipping Crates Protect Your Shipment

The main goal of any art shipping company is to ensure the safety of the artwork before, during, and after transport. Every company has its own recipe for safe transportation, and art shipping crates are often one of the most important ingredients on the table. The role of an art transport crate is immense, and yet some people think of it as an ordinary box. Let’s see how custom-built wooden crates protect a shipment and what makes it such a popular decision.

5 Ways Art Shipping Crates Protect Your Shipment

Pressure & vibration

No matter what art transport you choose, some risk factors are always there. Pressure and vibration are the most common ones. Shipping containers are fastened together to achieve stability, meaning that a different amount of force will be exerted on a surface of a crate. Leaving physics behind, you need to understand that the construction of a quality crate reduces pressure and vibration exposure.

Humidity level

Even if the humidity level is high, a crate does an excellent job and keeps works safe and dry. Waterproof wood allows shippers to use crates outdoors and store them in places with high humidity levels for a while.

Dirt & dust

Appropriately built art shipping crates are designed to be a cover against dirt and dust, the silent killers of art. It is easier to protect a painting from stains than it is to clean it or even restore it. That is what crates do. Fully-enclosed containers leave no chance for hostile particles to break through a crate.

Handling damage

In the art logistics industry, any mistakes are expensive. Art handlers, like any human beings, are prone to make them, but it doesn’t always mean a disaster. Crates are solid and durable enough to withstand different types of mechanical damage, from a blow to a fall.

Accidental damage

Accidental damage is one of the shippers’ biggest fear. Why? Because you cannot predict it. Damage accidents usually happen during transportation. However, as long as a painting is inside a crate, there is a high chance that bad luck will avoid artworks.

Our custom art shipping crates are extremely durable and safe, so Fine Art Shippers’ services will be useful for you no matter what and where you want to ship. Fine art crating services have remained our secret weapon, and it is in your best interest to use them if you are looking risk-free shipping experience.