5 Times Square Facts You Might Not Know About

Everyone moving to New York or coming to the city for the first time puts Times Square on the top of the must-visit sites. This neon-colored place full of people and costumed characters is worth visiting, right? Or maybe it is just a waste of time? Here are 5 Times Square facts you might not know about. Check them out to decide for yourself.

5 Times Square Facts You Might Not Know About

1. Times Square is not actually a square

Fun fact: despite its name, Times Square is not actually a square. Geometrically, it is similar to two triangles, with Broadway running diagonally across the horizontal and vertical street grid of Manhattan.

2. It offers unlimited entertainment options

One of the most interesting Times Square facts is that it has countless entertainment options to suit any taste. You can, for example, enjoy various Broadway plays, from classics to blockbusters. There is a good selection to choose from. Times Square is also home to superheroes and other colorful characters hanging around.

3. It is the most visited place in the world

Each day Times Square has around 340,000 visitors, making it one of the most popular places around the world. You will see why once you are here.

4. It has the best food

A variety of international food in and around Times Square attracts people from around the world. You can try French, Chinese, Mexican, Italian, Japanese, and Vietnamese delicacies in one place. There are lots of fine restaurants to visit.

5. Times Square has the best music

Broadway Plaza performs the best live music that includes jazz, rock, blues, country, and some classics. You can also visit some cool jazz clubs, such as Birdland or Iridium, which are noted for great acoustics and cozy interior.

These were 5 Times Square facts you might not know about. If you are going to New York, visit this colorful place to make your own opinion!