5 Reasons to Believe in Your Art and Start Showing It to Others

5 Reasons to Believe in Your Art and Start Showing It to Others

Being an artist can be a tough job. It requires so much confidence, strength, and thick skin. However, sometimes, all you need is to start. You have to start showing your art to the world to believe in yourself. Here are five reasons why artists need to share their art with others.

1. You can work on your self-confidence

So, you show your artwork to some people, and they love it. Congratulations! That’s great. It feels so good to hear the approval of your work. Well, you can show your other work to different people, and they hate it. What are you going to do next? It can be rather upsetting, of course. However, as an artist (and a person), you must know that not everyone will understand, love, or appreciate your work. Just as not everyone can understand your personality as a whole. There is not much you can do about it, but accept it and move on.

Once you learn that lesson, you’ll also learn not to build your confidence around people’s opinions. Self-confidence should come from within, and it takes time and strength to build it.

2. You get to focus on the process

Your constant thinking about what people think can really hurt your performance as an artist. You have to stay creative and open-minded when it comes to your work. You have to put yourself out there and show bits of your personality in each of your art pieces. However, you can’t fully be open in your art if you are constantly thinking about how you will be judged for that. Hence, you have to learn to leave those thoughts behind in the work process. It can be a tough challenge to overcome. Though, it is definitely possible.

Eventually, you will need to start showing your works to others. You’ll learn to trust yourself more. You will see that some people will never understand your work, and that’s okay. However, there will be people who can appreciate what you are doing. You create for these people. They are following your work, and you now owe it to them to keep ongoing. Hence, you have to leave the fears of being judged behind and focus on what you are good at – your art.

3. You know what you’re doing

No one knows how to do your art better than you. Live by that rule. No matter how many critics you meet on your way, your work will always be your babies, and no one can tell you that you did wrong. You have to stand by what you have created. Defend it, protect it. Honor it with your love, pride, and acceptance.

Of course, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t listen to objective criticism. Those remarks can be useful and will help you grow. However, criticism is good only when you can use it to your advantage in your future work. That’s only when you learn from it. As for the rest of it, you should not pay much attention. You know what you are doing. You are the best, most suitable, and appropriate person to do your art. So keep on doing it!

4. You learn to look at your new perspective

You view your art very subjectively. That’s totally understandable. However, sometimes, it is nice to see what other people feel, think, and see when they look at your art. It’s not so much about the criticism but about other people’s perceptions. Sometimes, a person can notice a detail that you have never thought about before. Sometimes, you learn how other people react to your art, and it makes you reconsider the whole piece and the message behind it.

Also, simply by seeing that your art can cause an emotional reaction, you start to believe in yourself more. Any type of art, whether it is a painting or a sculpture, an essay or some free essays about research from expert writers, or a photo by an online influencer, should make people feel. Once you realize the power you have, as an artist, you will feel more confident about the work you are doing.

5. You can’t help it

Can you not create? If the answer is no, then you just don’t have a choice here. At some point, you’ll have to learn to believe in your art. You can’t be an artist who is hesitant about your art forever. So, if being an artist is your calling, you will have to be one eventually, which comes with ‘coming out’ and showing your works.

At some point, you will have to accept that you just have to share your art with others, whether it will be done for your professional growth, ambitions, or desire to open up to the world. Once you start, you’ll understand that it is not as scary as you have always imagined. Hence you are most likely to regret all those years wasted on fear and doubts. It will be hard to forgive yourself for wasting so much time and not being brave enough. So, since you can’t help but create, you just have to brace yourself and get it over with.