5 Easy Ways to Reuse Art Shipping Boxes

Do you ship fine art and other items on a regular basis? Then, you likely have dozens of art shipping boxes at home, which will end up in your trash or, which is much better, recycling. But have you ever considered the idea of extending the longevity of your boxes? We know 5 easy and creative ways to reuse cardboard boxes and thus reduce waste. Check them out!

5 Easy Ways to Reuse Art Shipping Boxes

1. Art medium

Cardboard can become a perfect medium to use in your hobby. Endless craft options are available to creatives, starting from school projects for your kids and ending with a cardboard paint palette.

2. Moving a home

Are your friends moving to a new place? Or maybe you need to ship some stuff across the USA? Reusing art shipping boxes is a smart idea to save money on moving boxes. However, if you are going to move valuable and fragile art, let’s say, to another state, you should pick up new high-quality boxes or wooden crates to ensure their safety.

3. Home organization

You can use cardboard boxes for organizing your home, for example, keeping crackers, sprinkles, or chips in a kitchen. Some of them are also suitable for organizing jewelry and cosmetics in a bedroom.

4. Gift packaging

Gift wrapping by hand is always twice as enjoyable and catchy. Use decorative tape, ribbons, and stickers to adorn your shipping boxes for some special holidays.

5. Gardening

Art shipping boxes can serve various purposes in your garden. With cardboard, you can reduce weeds, protect weak plants against pests and weather factors, etc. Besides, cardboard is full of carbon, and together with nitrogen in the ground, it provides nutrient-rich soil. Do not forget to remove tape and stickers before using boxes for gardening!

As you can see, there are many ways shipping boxes can be easily reused. Get your creativity to reduce waste effectively!