4 Mistakes to Avoid When Shipping Instruments

4 Mistakes to Avoid When Shipping Instruments

A musical instrument is the reflection of a musician’s soul, and as every soul needs peace, every instrument needs care. Shipping a guitar, piano, saxophone, cello, trombone, harp, or any other instruments is not like shipping other staff. The process is similar to fine art transportation, and yet there are a lot of nuances that shippers should know. Unfortunately, not everything always goes as planned, and many people–either due to lack of knowledge or incompetence–make mistakes. Below we have collected some most popular flaws and failures that can turn the shipping instruments process into a nightmare.

Four Mistakes to Avoid When Shipping Instruments

1. Not using instrument cases or using damaged ones

Most of the musical instruments have cases, with the only exception of some caseless percussion instruments. Ignoring custom-built containers and packing items without them is shooting yourself in the foot. It is justifiable to avoid instrument cases only if they are damaged. In this regard, you will need a new one or a separate wooden crate that professional carpenters will make following the dimensions of the object.

2. Not paying attention to the peculiar features of the instrument

Shipping instruments is rarely a straightforward process due to the fact that they fit into three different categories–wind, string, and percussion–that have their peculiarities. For example, every piano mover knows that it is much easier when you take off a lid, lyre, and legs before moving. When it comes to guitars, harps, or violas, it is recommended, though not chiefly necessary, to loosen strings. As for wooden instruments, you should be cautious with the temperature and humidity level in the truck where they will be moved.

3. Not insuring the shipment

Shipping insurance exists mainly for two reasons: to keep your mind at peace and take care of the loss if something nasty happens to your instruments. If you don’t want to stress about your valuables in transit, you should insure them at once.

4. Shipping instruments by yourself

Sometimes, people prefer to pack their instruments by themselves, and it might be a decent decision, as musicians know their instruments best. However, it cannot be said about shipping. Neither do ordinary people have climate-controlled trucks nor time for transportation. That is why it is best to rely on professionals.

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