3 Basic Tips for Hiring Art Handlers in Phoenix

Larger-than-life mural walls, magnetic museums, and separate art districts make Phoenix an area with a vibrant cultural environment that every art tourist would be delighted to visit. The list of destinations you might want to see in the Valley of the Sun is truly immense. It explains why the people of Phoenix may usually need the assistance of art handlers to manage their art collections. Fortunately for the region, there are several effective ways to do that even without local help. Here are some tips for hiring art handlers in Phoenix.

Three Basic Tips for Hiring Art Handlers in Phoenix

1. Rely on local sources

By far the easiest way to find the right people is to search for local shippers through the available local media. It won’t take much time because, as was said before, the city is famous for its art scene, which generates the demand for professional services. However, there are alternatives.

2. Visit art events

Believe it or not, cultural events such as festivals, fairs, and exhibitions are the magnet for art handlers in Phoenix. First of all, they usually provide services there. Besides, they use those events as an opportunity to attract more clients and offer their services. You might be lucky to become one of their customers.

3. Look for companies who drive through the city

When time works against you, or you have no local options available, you can also look for help from shippers from other states. The fact is that Arizona is one of the major regions of the West Coast, so there might be companies that visit the city on a regular basis. The advantageous geographical location is one of the wonderful features of the Valley.

3 Basic Tips for Hiring Art Handlers in Phoenix

Why Choose Fine Art Shippers as Your Art Handlers in Phoenix?

If you decide to follow the third tip, Fine Art Shippers might be your best pick in this case. Thanks to our regular cross-country art shuttles, we run from New York to California through the East and West Coasts of the US. It is no surprise that Arizona is on our way to Cali. There, we usually make stops in Scottsdale and Phoenix. Accordingly, if you need art handlers in Phoenix, you can request our services by emailing us or filling in the free quote form on our website. Not only will we be able to help you locally, but we might also pick up your artworks and deliver them to any destination all across the country.