Your Must-Follow Checklist Before Sending Artwork Overseas

Sending Artwork Overseas

Sending artwork overseas is not a simple task; unlike domestic transportation, you need to deal with customs clearance and study the laws and regulations of artwork shipping in both jurisdictions. Here is a checklist for all art dealers, artists, or collectors encountering the international art shipping challenge. Ensure you check all boxes before your art object sets out on its international trip.

Sending Artwork Overseas: Top Considerations

Now that you know you need to get your art object ready for international shipping, what to begin with, and what aspects of this process to prioritize? We recommend focusing on the following.

Check the Laws

Art shipping is a separate sector in the international shipping industry, which comes with a set of specific rules and nuances. Ensure you do your homework and study all the laws of the destination country to guarantee the absence of legal trouble for your shipment.

Find a Customs Broker

Any artwork will need to go through the customs clearance process after it arrives at the destination country. To minimize the headache and time your objects spend at the border, you should prepare all documentation for the artwork. Do it on your own, or find a customs broker specializing in works of art to do everything right.

Arrange the Right Insurance

Sending artwork overseas is a project full of unpleasant surprises and potential emergencies, so it’s vital to secure your property with a comprehensive insurance policy. We recommend consulting your insurance broker or entrusting the art insurance task to a trusted shipper like Fine Art Shippers, guaranteeing that your financial interests are fully protected.

Partner with a Reliable Art Shipping Company

Your belongings’ trip starts at your location, and they should be treated with care at all stages of transportation to arrive at the destination in the original condition. That’s why local shipping is also of vital importance.

If you’re still confused about doing everything right when sending artwork overseas, it’s time to contact Fine Art Shippers and get a professional consultation on the subject. We can perform your objects’ packaging and prepare them for international transportation; our art handlers can also assume full responsibility for the safe delivery of your belongings to the seaport or airport for further transfer. Talk to us at (917) 658-5075 to discuss all the details and plan your property’s secure, predictable international journey.