Is Fine Art Shippers’ Art Shuttle a Safe Art Transport Option?

Is Fine Art Shippers’ Art Shuttle a Safe Art Transport Option

What are you looking for in a fine art shipping service? You will likely agree that safety is the priority when it comes to fragile and valuable cargo. However, here, at Fine Art Shippers, we realize that while safety is an absolute necessity, only that is not enough for our clients. A fine art shipping service must be safe, punctual, and affordable at the same time. Our team has combined all these requirements in one handy package and created an art shuttle service. Keep reading to find out how we’ve managed to design a reliable, cost-efficient, and safe art transport solution for everyone.

Is Fine Art Shippers’ Art Shuttle a Safe Art Transport Option?

If you still do not know what Fine Art Shippers’ art shuttle service is, let us explain. The difference between a consolidated art shuttle service and exclusive art shipping options is that we deliver valuables from different clients in one specialized truck. Our art shuttle routes cover dozens of cities across the United States. We make sure to constantly update our routes to maximize their efficiency while keeping them extremely flexible so we can add stops by request.

But isn’t shipping different kinds of fragile items together extremely risky? This question is completely reasonable. We understand why you would want to opt for an individual shipping service instead of a consolidated art shuttle. But, before you do that, consider these three things.

First comes the safety. Fine Art Shippers has been transporting highly valuable artworks, antiques, and other breakables across the country for over twenty-five years now. Trust us when we say that shipping your valuables with our art shuttle is, by no means, less safe than a personal delivery. Besides, we provide an individualized approach for shipping large, heavy, fragile, and valuable items of any kind, making our art shuttles a great option in most cases. After all, there is a reason why our clients keep continuously opting for this service.

Second, art shuttles are a much more cost-efficient option than individual delivery. Since they transport several orders in one go, we can conserve our resources, which, in turn, allows us to cut costs.

Finally, our art shuttles are very punctual. You can rest assured that your pieces arrive right on time for your art event, even if it is taking place on the opposite side of the country, provided that the service is booked in advance.

Fine Art Shippers is an expert at efficient and safe art transport. Have any questions? Contact us, and we will tell you everything you need to know to make an informed decision.