Why You Should Consider Using Our Art Storage in New York

Why You Should Consider Using Our Art Storage in New York

Fine art covers long distances throughout its life cycle. Museums and galleries often hold exhibitions in various parts of the world and contribute their belongings to thematic events from time to time. Thus, many art objects have to await transportation or installation in storage facilities. If you need a reliable, secure place with a controlled environment and properly trained staff, our art storage in New York will be an optimal solution to all your needs.

Services of Our Art Storage in New York

Fine Art Shippers has a secure storage unit in Brooklyn, NY, where your precious belongings can spend as much time as you need. We can handle almost any storage volume, from a regular-size painting to an art collection, and allocate all objects securely without risks to your property.

By choosing our art storage in New York, you get the following benefits.

  • Full insurance coverage of your art objects for the entire period of storage. Our facility is accredited by leading insurance companies as a unit meeting all security requirements for fine art storage.
  • High-security measures. The storage is protected with a comprehensive security and alarm system so that all property stored here is secure and intact 24/7.
  • Preparation for storage or shipment. If you’ve received your new fine art object from an auction or art dealer and need to have it stored for some time in our art storage in New York, we can prepare it for long-term storage with professional packing and crating. The same can be done with art objects awaiting long-term transportation by sea, where the object’s stability and full insulation for protection from environmental changes are key.
  • Bulk shipment arrangements. Those who want to save money on shipment can arrange a bulk shipment for their small fine art objects. Your fine art can be stored in our storage unit until the moment the shipment is ready for departure.

If you need tried and tested fine art storage solutions from professionals, Fine Art Shippers can offer exactly this. Contact us by phone or mail to arrange your objects’ shipment, packaging for storage, and storage insurance. We can organize the full range of services and ensure your property’s safety in our secure storage facility.