Why Is It Worth It to Move to Dubai in 2023?

Why Is It Worth It to Move to Dubai

Those who have visited Dubai at least once identify it as a unique region. There are no rivals to this advanced metropolis in the whole world. There are so many foreigners here that locals dissolve among the abundance of expats of other nationalities. Sagacious investors occupy various neighborhoods of Dubai. Villas in Akoya Oxygen for foreigners are beneficial investment options due to the convenient location of the area and affordable housing.

Country’s behavior toward foreigners

Regardless of cultural peculiarities and natural restraint, the government of the UAE fully encourages the relocation of foreigners to its emirate. The Sheikh understands that foreign entrepreneurs are an investment into the treasury, and foreigners wishing to work are often a cheap labor force, the presence of which is taken into account by businessmen when choosing a jurisdiction for activities. In addition, the influx of new people helps have a positive impact on the economy, develop the real estate market, and improve the banking sector. To develop the country and continue getting considerable income, the government of the UAE facilitates the process of relocation and provides outstanding opportunities in such Dubai neighborhoods as Akoya Oxygen.

Akoya Oxygen in Dubai, UAE

Akoya Oxygen is a complex that provides a peaceful lifestyle amidst lush greenery, located 25 minutes from the center of Dubai on the Umm Suqeim Highway. The green town with a carefully designed master plan offers its residents clean air, a cooler climate, and a well-planned road network with dedicated lanes for bicycles and hybrids.

The homes are built with energy-efficient materials and feature air conditioning and solar water heating systems. In addition, low-emission paints are used in construction. It’s all about living in harmony with nature.

Real estate in Akoya Oxygen

Akoya Oxygen is in demand among those seeking a country home for quiet family living. Most offers are villas and townhouses with 3 or more bedrooms, private grounds, and several parking spaces. Infrastructure and entertainment are designed for a measured rhythm of life.

Property prices in Akoya Oxygen are among the lowest in Dubai. The average price in Dubailand for a three-bedroom villa is about AED 2,100,000 ($570,000), and for a similar property in Akoya Oxygen – only about AED 1,100,000 ($300,000).

Peculiar features of relocation to Dubai

Relocation to Dubai takes a central stage in people’s striving to live a better life in a more advanced place. Along with perfectly designed real estate and developed infrastructure, the property buyers get the following benefits:

1. High-liquid real estate irrespective of its location.

Regardless of the unstable situation in the world and the shifting from one economic crisis to another, real estate in Dubai does not lose its value. Constantly growing demand for apartments and villas allows foreign investors to make a profit without any effort.

2. Profitability of real estate as an investment project and a destination for permanent residence.

There are no taxes in the UAE in the sphere of buying, selling, or renting out real estate. It is a legal procedure to rent out your property without paying any taxes. Due to the legislation of the UAE, taxation applies only to banking and oil.

3. Architectural uniqueness and highly developed infrastructure of Dubai.

The city has everything you need to live:

– Modern medicine (foreign nationals need to purchase insurance to use this service).

– Quality education, including higher education.

– Jobs if your own business is not planned.

– Safety of residence.

– Immense number of entertainment.

– Opportunity to live in a cosmopolitan city and get acquainted with people of different nationalities.

4. A wide selection of housing objects to any taste and budget.

No doubt, Dubai is a city of exclusive expensive apartments and villas. However, affordable housing is available as well. Moreover, real estate of relatively low cost may be located in different neighborhoods of the metropolis. A buyer is able to select suitable accommodation in any location.

The final word

Akoya Oxygen, along with other outstanding destinations in Dubai, provides ideal conditions for investment and relocation. The neighborhood differs by the abundance of greenery and an idyllic atmosphere of calmness and peace. These are the main reasons why purchasing property and moving to Akoya Oxygen is a wise decision.

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