Why Is Artwork Insurance Important for Collectors?

Artwork Insurance

Every artist and collector should have a backup plan against serious damage or loss of their precious artworks, especially when moving pieces to galleries, clients, or museums. Whether you are a novice or seasoned collector, it is highly important to cover your art collection with a proper insurance policy. We hate to admit it, but the risks of theft or irreversible damage to art do exist. Here are some reasons why you should always purchase artwork insurance.

Why Is Artwork Insurance Important for Collectors?

1. Learn the true value of your artwork

Many artists and collectors do not know the replacement value of their pieces. Therefore, it is very important to turn to professional art appraisers before taking out an insurance policy. Thus, you can learn the true value of your art and ensure you have proper coverage.

2. Protect art pieces in your home

Even if your art items never leave your home, heat and humidity can lead to serious damage, not to mention unexpected home accidents. With artwork insurance, you can protect yourself and your art from potential home perils.

3. Compensation for the value of damaged or lost artwork

We know how hard it is to take the loss of something valuable and close to heart. Nevertheless, art is still an investment that deserves to be adequately protected and compensated if lost. Hence, art insurance is the best option for every collector.

4. Peace of mind during art shipping

If you move a large painting to another state or a delicate sculpture to a gallery, you want to have peace of mind about its safety on a long road. It is only possible with the right artwork insurance policy.

Fine Art Shippers can help you choose the right coverage for any art piece you are moving. Feel free to contact our dedicated team for details.