Why & How to Use a Large Mirror Box?

Why & How to Use a Large Mirror Box?

Size is a defining factor in the fine art logistics industry. The bigger an item you want to move, the more complicated it will be to protect it. The problem is especially relevant for those who have a large mirror or painting but are afraid of smashing it to smithereens. To lighten your burden and ease your stress, you should know how to use a large mirror box. Also known as a picture box, it is designed to move large-scale mirrors, pictures, and other pieces safely. What is it, and how to use it?

Why Should You Use a Large Mirror Box?

While a mirror and picture box is not a magical container eliminating all the risks, it still does a decent job when it comes to packing. Most often, it is used for moving, storing, and protecting big-scale mirrors, framed artworks, picture frames, and art prints. You shouldn’t confuse it with an ordinary shipping box, though. A large mirror box is made from sturdy cardboard that passes different crash tests and thus enhances the overall safety of the package.

How to Use a Box?

To use a box, you need to have packing tape, scissors or a utility knife, and corner protectors. First, fold the box along the designated lines and then do the same with flaps. After that, you should tape the flaps and seams down, which will secure the box and make it more robust. Once it is assembled, you can put your previously packed mirror inside the box. And don’t forget about corner protectors as they can save the edges from unwanted damage.

With the help of a large mirror box, you can safely move your large mirrors and paintings wherever you want. In case you need help with packing and shipping a mirror, don’t hesitate to contact Fine Art Shippers and tell us about your problem.